AML Risk Finder

Name Screening

Software solution for name screening (customers, suppliers, employees) on WatchList. Real-time monitoring against any list: PEP, Sanction Lists, Adverse Media

A complete suite of features to efficiently and accurately manage your AML and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.

Available in multiple configurations both On-Premise and in the Cloud.

AML Risk Finder

DD Profiler

Software solution for Due Diligence questionnaires management.

Fill free to configure questions, answers and scoring as your risk evaluation model.

Dataentry Automation and Risk Evaluation.

Integrated with AI tools for automatic data import from paper and PDF questionnaires.

AML Risk Finder

Transaction Screening

Solution for transaction verification with real-time checks on all involved parties.

Set up all the rules you want, based on any field present in transactions; integrate whitelists, blacklists, and sanction countries.

Interfacing with any protocol (SWIFT, SEPA...) and scalable for high daily volumes (500,000+ transactions/day).



Automatic Assessment

"AML Risk Finder" can use TIN and VAT to create automatic rules for the identification and classification of certain positives.

Real Time Alerts

It can verify multiple names and transactions simultaneously and in a matter of milliseconds.

Any Data-Provider

It allows for the integration of any data provider, whether commercial or public, including World-Check, World-Compliance, DowJones Factiva, SGR Daily Control, PIL, PEP, Official Lists, and more.

Easy to Use

The simple yet effective user interface makes it the ideal tool for any user.

Case Management

A practical workflow guides the user in managing reports.

Service Always On

It updates the Blacklist and registries seamlessly, keeping the screening and monitoring service active and up-to-date in real-time.


AML Risk Finder

Name Screening

Our software provides a comprehensive suite of features to comply with the complex anti-money laundering regulatory framework.

  • Onboarding Screening.
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Manual Searches..
  • Searches via Tax Identification Number or VAT Number.
  • Fully customizable rules (including scripting).
  • Multiple Blacklists with differentiable rules.
  • Relationship navigation between entities.
  • Relevance management.
  • Positive assessments.
  • Reporting and entity profiles.
  • User activity tracking.
  • Integrated multilingual translation.
  • Multi-institution/company support.
  • Installable both On-Premises and in the Cloud.
  • Scalable microservices architecture (Docker).
  • Integratable with external systems: files, Web Services (SOAP, REST), JMS queues.
  • Customizable authentication (SSO, ActiveDirectory, SiteMinder, OAuth...).
AML Risk Finder

DD Profiler

  • Completion of adequate verification questionnaires.
  • Deadline notifications.
  • Monitoring of risk variations.
  • Fully customizable multiple questionnaires.
  • Definition of scores and evaluation rules.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.
AML Risk Finder

Transaction Screening

  • Real-time transaction monitoring.
  • Verification of participating parties against any Blacklist.
  • Customizable rules to identify suspicious behaviors.
  • Transaction approval or blocking workflows.
  • Comprehensive user activity tracking for audit purposes.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.


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